About Married Advice

We are married people who have been through it all with our spouses—secrets, jealousy, joy, devotion, lies, heartbreak, the list goes on.

We’re here because we believe in something often missing from relationships, something that has the power to make even the strongest of marriages go sour: understanding.

Building mutual understanding and trust with your spouse is so important that without them, it doesn’t matter how much love exists in your marriage—it, too, can fail.

Our writers have been through the fires and come out the other side with their marriages intact, even after long separations and the “D” word seemed unavoidable.

So we’re here to share what we’ve learned from the things we’ve gone through together, as well as our most painful mistakes. All the embarrassing intimacy problems, the fights over money, cheating, romance lost—we lay our souls bare.

Other married people out there need to know that they’re not the only ones having these problems.

Above all, we want to offer our experiences in support. And sometimes, a little advice.