How to Know If Your Husband Loves You: 23 Surefire Signs

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If you’re asking, “Does my husband love me?” you’re in the right place.

As a wife, it’s natural to seek reassurance about your husband’s feelings, especially in the face of life’s unpredictability.

In this article, we’ll explore the key signs that reveal how much the man you married still cherishes you. We’ll also provide important tips to strengthen your bond and address common questions and uncertainties wives have in their relationships.

For now, here’s a summary of the key signs your husband still adores you:

  • He’s still attentive, affectionate and attracted to you
  • He’s respectful, supportive and apologizes when he’s in the wrong
  • He checks in throughout the day
  • You’re his best friend
  • You don’t fear that one more fight will break your marriage
  • The future is just as sunny as it was when you got married

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How to Know If Your Husband Loves You

Are you curious about the depth of your husband’s love for you?

Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that can help you recognize whether your husband genuinely loves you.

Let’s dive into both the subtle and obvious signs your husband loves you.

1. Attention and affection

One way to tell if your husband loves you is by the level of attention and affection he shows you.

Does he go out of his way to make you feel secure and cared for?

Does he seem to enjoy being around you? Give you praise and little displays of affection like hugs, gentle touches and kisses?

If so, these are good indications that he loves you and wants you to feel loved.

2. Respect

A loving husband respects you and shows respect.

He treats you with politeness and courtesy, and he values your opinions.

He doesn’t speak for you or try to push his own agenda over trying to find a middle road ever, because he genuinely cares about you and values you in his life.

3. He’s still really attracted to you

If your husband makes eyes at you and paws at you even in your “frumpy” clothes, that gives away his loving feelings for you.

For men, physical attraction and seduction go hand-in-hand with emotional love.

4. He texts you throughout the day

When your husband loves you, he’ll want to stay connected with you as much as he can, even when you’re apart.

Regular texts throughout the day, or when he has a moment, show that he’s thinking of you and wants to maintain your connection.

(And somehow, he always seems to know just what to text you to brighten up your day.)

5. He holds your hand

A simple yet profound gesture, holding hands displays love and support.

It’s a sign that your husband wants to remain close to you and feel your presence.

He’ll hold your hand no matter what you’re doing, where you are, in front of his friends—any time, anywhere.

6. He looks deep into your eyes

Prolonged eye contact communicates love and trust.

When you’re talking, if your husband gazes deeply into your eyes, it shows that he’s genuinely interested in you and wants to connect on a deeper level.

7. He’s supportive

Love means always being there for each other, even during difficult times.

It means respecting and supporting you in your dreams and aspirations, and encouraging you to pursue your goals.

Because he believes in your abilities, and stands by your side through thick and thin.

8. He listens to you

When your husband loves you, he actively listens to your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

He’s not just playing with his phone or keeping his eyes glued to the TV screen.

This shows that he values what you have to say and cares about your perspective.

9. He steps in to help

One of the benefits of marriage is getting help and support from your spouse, which your husband will jump to provide if he really loves you.

And he’ll do it without you needing to keep asking.

Whether he’s rubbing your sore back after work, taking dish duty or finding out how he can make your life easier, these are all the little signs you’re looking for.

10. He takes you out on date night

Regular dates are part of keeping the spark alive in a marriage.

If your husband frequently plans and takes you on dates, it shows he still cherishes the relationship and wants to keep the romance going.

11. You’re his best friend

When your husband says you’re his best friend, he means he loves you more than life itself.

Friendship is important to men in successful relationships, and considering you his closest friend is a high place of honor.

12. Fights don’t break your marriage

Fighting happens, including in a happy marriage.

But the way your husband fights can clue you into his attitude and feelings.

If he allows things to blow over and doesn’t hold grudges against you—or threaten divorce, even if he’s incredibly angry—it signals that his love for you overrides the challenges and inevitable bumps in the road.

If fighting is an issue in your marriage, you might want to check out Dr. Lee Baucom’s techniques of how to respond to your spouse differently in Save The Marriage.

13. He apologizes when he makes a mistake

No one’s perfect, but a loving husband recognizes his mistakes and sincerely apologizes for them, demonstrating humility and a desire to grow together in the relationship.

14. He asks how you’re feeling

When your husband regularly checks in on your emotional health, it conveys genuine care and concern for your happiness and comfort.

He doesn’t make assumptions or ignore you when you’re upset.

Instead, he turns toward you and tries to understand how you’re feeling.

15. He wants to spend time with you

A man who wants to spend time with you, even though he sees you every day and every night, loves you.

If he looks forward to weekends with you, vacations together or even just date night, he’s still hopelessly in love with you.

16. He includes you in making decisions

In a loving relationship, decisions are made together as a couple.

If your husband consistently seeks your input and requests your advice, it shows that he views you as an equal partner.

17. He expresses gratitude

Love and appreciation go hand in hand.

If your husband frequently expresses gratitude for your presence in his life, it demonstrates a deep love and respect for you.

18. He gets sentimental about love stories

Does your hubby tear up comparing your own love story to your cute elderly neighbor couple’s?

Feeling inspired and sentimental when hearing love stories is a sign that your husband is deeply in touch with his romantic feelings for you.

19. He’s excited about your future

If your husband envisions and plans for a future together with you, it indicates his commitment and devotion.

It means he’s excited to be an active participant in your relationship and looks forward to what’s to come.

20. He trusts you

Trust is a cornerstone of any loving relationship.

Showing that he trusts you completely and confides in you is a powerful testament to your husband’s love.

21. He’s willing to compromise

Love involves compromise and sacrifice.

A husband who is willing to make adjustments for the sake of your happiness and the health of your relationship is undoubtedly one who loves you deeply.

22. He’s happy just to be with you

Spending time together doesn’t need to be about constant excitement.

It can just be you and your husband together at home in your PJs, and he’s happy. That’s love.

23. He tells you he loves you

Lastly, never underestimate the power of those three words: “I love you.”

When your husband sincerely says these words, it’s a clear indication that he truly loves you.

Signs Your Husband Isn’t in Love with You

It’s not always easy to determine the state of your husband’s love for you. Sometimes, changes in behavior can be attributed to stress or other external factors.

However, if you notice a pattern of the following signs, it might indicate that your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

At the very least, these signs can point to bigger issues that need to be addressed, before you see divorce looming in the distant (or near) future:

  1. Lack of affection: If your husband never bothers to show you affection or seems reluctant to touch you, this could be a red flag.
  2. Avoiding communication: Your conversations feel forced. It feels like he no longer enjoys talking with you, he keeps everything superficial, and he evades your questions.
  3. Decreased physical intimacy: He shows little interest in sexual or physical intimacy.
  4. Lack of support: Your husband doesn’t ask about your day or show interest in your problems, displaying a lack of emotional support.
  5. Increased time apart: He prefers to spend time away from you. For instance, he puts his friends before you and chooses to do anything but spend alone time together.
  6. Secretiveness: You notice your husband hiding things from you, such as his phone or online activity, and acting as if you don’t exist when you’re right next to him on the couch.
  7. Prioritizing others: You feel like you’re no longer his priority, as he places more importance on friends or even work.
  8. Lack of future plans: You notice that he’s hesitant to make long-term plans with you, especially compared to earlier in your relationship.
  9. Constant criticism: He frequently criticizes you, sometimes even in the presence of others, undermining your self-esteem.
  10. Lack of shared interests: He no longer takes interest in shared hobbies or activities that you both used to enjoy, indulging his own preferences to the complete exclusion of yours.
  11. Emotional unavailability: He’s distant and doesn’t confide in you or share his inner world with you, even if you try to initiate a direct conversation.
  12. Ignoring your needs: He doesn’t show concern for your hurt feelings, your needs or your desires, making you feel undervalued.
  13. Increased arguments: Your interactions are filled with increasingly more disagreements, with little effort made at resolution.
  14. Changed behavior: He displays a sudden or drastic change in habits, such as his appearance, routine, or interests, without explanation.
  15. Loss of respect: You start to feel like your husband doesn’t respect your opinions, feelings, or decisions.
  16. Avoiding responsibility: You’re left to handle the majority of household responsibilities and childcare, while he avoids taking an active role.

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Once again, it’s crucial to remember that some of these signs can stem from other factors, such as stress or personal issues.

However, if you consistently notice many of these signs, it might be time to evaluate your relationship and consider discussing your concerns with your husband, or seeking professional help.

How to Nurture a Loving Marriage and Healthy Relationship

A loving marriage requires consistent effort and communication from both partners.

To nurture your marriage and help ensure that your love continues to grow, consider these tips:

  • Communicate openly: Always maintain open lines of communication with your spouse. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns honestly, and be a good listener when your partner speaks.
  • Show appreciation: Regularly express gratitude for the little things your spouse does for you. This simple act can make a significant impact on the emotional connection between you.
  • Support each other’s interests: Take part in your husband’s hobbies, even if they don’t particularly interest you, and encourage him to do the same for your interests. This type of reciprocity can help strengthen your bond.
  • Invest time in each other: Set aside regular quality time to spend together, without any distractions. Focused time together allows you to reconnect. Think of this time as the glue that holds you together.

Here are other important practices that can help you maintain a loving marriage:

  • Prioritizing your spouse’s needs
  • Demonstrating acts of kindness
  • Encouraging personal growth
  • Working on self-improvement
  • Practicing patience and understanding
  • Forgiving each other for mistakes

Remember that nurturing a loving marriage is an ongoing process, requiring continuous effort and commitment to keep the love alive and strong.

By following these tips and focusing on open communication and mutual support, you can create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your husband.

Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Want your love to really make an impact on your husband? Here are some ideas to consider when you want to convey your love.

Say it with words

Surprise your spouse with a thoughtful card or love letter. Extra points if you have it mailed to your house in a grand romantic gesture.

Compliment him unexpectedly, expressing your admiration and gratitude for all he does for your family.

Don’t forget to brag about him to your friends, making sure he overhears you.

Small acts of kindness

Prepare his morning coffee, or write a message of encouragement on the bathroom mirror.

Another idea is to slip a sweet note into his wallet or make his lunch before he heads to work.

Get his favorite snack when you’re at the grocery store to show you’re paying attention.

Physical touch

Men really appreciate physical contact as a sign of your love.

So, lean in for a kiss and hold on a little longer, or give him a warm hug when he least expects it.

Be playful and affectionate, making him feel desired and appreciated.

Thoughtful actions

Show your love by doing things you know your partner will value.

Draw a warm bath, organize a night out, or even take care of some of his household chores to ease his load when he’s having a rough time.

Remember to do these things out of a genuine desire, and not hold them over his head.

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Remember, the key to showing your husband that you love him is being genuine, caring, and attentive in your actions.

Small gestures practiced daily can make a world of difference in your relationship, so be creative and put thought into the ways you express your love.


How does a loving husband act?

A loving husband acts in ways that show he values and supports you.

He communicates openly, listens attentively, and spends time with you, even when he’s busy.

A loving husband is also respectful, forgiving, and understanding of your faults.

In addition, he may be affectionate and offer physical closeness, like holding hands or resting a hand on your shoulder.

What makes a husband love his wife?

There are many factors that can contribute to a husband’s love for his wife.

These may include shared values, good communication, trust, and respect.

Emotional support and compatibility in both daily life and long-term goals also play a role.

It’s important for both partners to show love, support, and appreciation for each other.

How do you ask if your husband still loves you?

Asking your husband if he still loves you can be a sensitive and tricky conversation.

To help make it feel more natural, start by expressing your feelings, and then ask open-ended questions that allow him to share his thoughts in return.

For example, you might say, “I’ve been feeling a bit unsure about our connection lately. Can you share how you feel about our relationship? What are your thoughts on our love for each other?”

What makes a husband feel loved?

Feeling loved and appreciated comes from a variety of actions and gestures. A husband may feel loved when you:

  • Show gratitude and appreciation for his efforts
  • Spend quality time together
  • Offer physical touch and affection
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Support his goals and dreams
  • Demonstrate trust and faith in him 

How do husbands express their love?

Husbands can express their love in many different ways, ranging from small gestures to grand displays of affection.

These can include:

  • Saying “I love you” frequently
  • Offering compliments and praise
  • Planning special date nights or surprises
  • Acts of service, like helping with chores or taking care of you when you’re sick
  • Being a supportive listener and partner

Signs your husband is attracted to you

If your husband still has the hots for you, he’ll show you in the following kinds of ways:

  • Showing physical affection, like hugging or holding hands
  • Giving compliments and noticing your appearance
  • Creating opportunities for intimacy
  • Maintaining eye contact and sharing flirtatious moments
  • Taking an interest in your likes and dislikes

It’s important to remember that each relationship is unique, and communication is key to understanding and maintaining love and attraction between partners.

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